George W. Carroll, The Musician's Ombudsman​


“John Hines' payoff is an excellent array of solid efforts, played with vigor and a fresh sound that should delight anyone who ever fell in love with the sound of the jazz trombone."

Ann Braithwaite,

“Hines' trombone voice is striking in its tonal clarity, and he never succumbs to mawkishness. Hines has an attractive musical personality that's shaped by familiarity with his instrument in the jazz past and present. His articulate lines suggest those of Curtis Fuller, the renowned Jazz Messenger and Count Basie sideman, in their pleasing melodic disposition. Hines's musical ideas draw on swing and bebop but also on jazz from present times; contemporary trombonists Steve Turre and Robin Eubanks would join older players Slide Hampton and Bob Brookmeyer in approving of what results from his creative thought. The colors and accents Hines tucks into the flow of each of [his] tracks keep the flow of the music constantly riveting to the ears. Glad to say, first-rate musicianship goes hand in hand with the carefully managed emotion at the core of his playing.”

George W. Carroll, The Musician's Ombudsman

“There aren't many famous trombone soloists left in jazz. John Hines' payoff is an excellent array of solid efforts, played with vigor and a fresh sound that should delight anyone who ever fell in love with the sound of the jazz trombone.

Hines plays his ax with prime advanced harmonic ideas, certainly with liquid phrasing, & an attendant voice-like, yet abstract sound. His robust & bright sonority interacts with ease with his group as he deftly weaves his wonderful web of solo artistry.”

D. McClenaghan,

 'In The Pocket': "A top ten of the year disc, no ifs or maybes. In that better alternate universe where jazz dominates the music charts, In The Pocket would be all over the radio."   

Press Description

John Hines & Donna DeVine - Hines DeVine Jazz

John Hines & Donna DeVine are modern jazz musicians with an unusual combination of melodic jazz trombone and uniquely contemporary jazz vocals. The breadth of their work represents a liberation from the stereotypical jazz norm: while they are comfortably bringing jazz classic standards to a new generation, they are also embracing quality music of more recent years, including arrangements of some of the most contemporary hits.

While rooted in a foundation of jazz trombone and female jazz vocals, they play with internationally known trumpet, piano/organ/synthesizer, bass, and percussion artists to create melodic jazz that spans swing, bebop, blues, latin, gospel, second-line, rock, and pop styles. The result is accessible, eclectic, and immensely entertaining.

​"The only show where you can hear amazing renditions of Mingus, Fitzgerald, Davis, Janis Joplin, and Lady Gaga tunes, plus refreshing originals--all in the same set!" -S. Helmsin, Denver CO



Release of CD, 'You & I'

Like John’s previous release, In The Pocket (Capri Records), You & I features some of the finest musicians anywhere, although most come from Denver: Internationally recognized Brad Goode (trumpet) & Michael Pagan (piano-he came in from Kansas City for the session); Tom Gershwin (trumpet); Tom Capek (keyboards); Dave Rohlf (drums); Jason Malmberg (bass); and Christian Teele (percussion). Lead artists are John Hines (trombone) and Donna DeVine (vocals). 

The album will defy universal categorization, but is all rooted in high-quality jazz. We have included really strong performances of such straight-ahead jazz instrumental tunes as Serenade To A Cuckoo  and Better Get Hit In Your Soul (you have to hear Brad Goode’s wailing solo on that one), but also some more modern takes on the funky vocals Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and a hot Latin Somewhere Over The Rainbow that you will really dig. 

We have a couple crooner vocal ballads, My Funny Valentine and Someone To Watch Over Me, and even include a really exciting trombone-vocal duet version of Lady Gaga’s You & I that stretches towards pop-rock, but remains immanently jazz. A song that we are really proud of is a completely NEW take on the classic Stan Kenton big band tune Decoupage by Hank Levy. John rearranged the score for 7 trombone parts + a bone solo, and ended up playing all of the bone parts overdubbed. Then put it in a latin 5/4 with a healthy dose of latin rhythm section and percussion, and the result is nothing you’ve ever heard before. It is VERY pleasant to listen to—it’s one of those recordings from which you get something different each time you listen that you didn’t catch before. Bone lovers will really get into this one! 

Of course, we have a couple of original tunes—one, a fun, breezy Latin tune called Cabo Morning which leads off the CD and would be something fresh for jazz stations, and a back-porch-on-a-rainy-day slow blues duet between trombone and bass called Jus’ Sayin’ which creates a totally different vibe, which some people say is their favorite tune of the project. 

Few groups in the world day feature trombone and vocal leads/duets with such power and melodic strength which cross over so easily between jazz, funk, Latin and pop; any song on the CD will appeal to jazz lovers, all for different reasons and in different ways. 

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