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'You & I' Jazz trombone CD cover

This is the signature body of work by John & Donna. Combining the work of their sextet (trombone, trumpet, keyboards, bass, drums, and vocals) with the talent of fabulous guest artists, this collection of ten original and familiar cover songs spans the range of their work.

- John Hines (trombone)
- Donna DeVine (vocals)
- Tom Gershwin (trumpet)
- Jason Malmberg (acoustic and electric bass)
- David Rohlf (drums)
- Tom Capek (piano, electric keyboard, organ, synthesizer)
- Christian Teele (percussion)

Special Guest Artists:
- Michael Pagan (piano)
- Brad Goode (trumpet)


Song List

 - Cabo Morning (composer & arranger: John Hines)
​- Serenade To A Cuckoo (composer: Roland Kirk, arranger: John Hines; featuring Michael Pagan)
- *My Funny Valentine (composer: Rogers/Hart, arranger: David Wolpe) 
-  Decoupage (composer: Hank Levy, arranger: John Hines; featuring Michael Pagan)
- *Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (composer: Joe Zawinul, arranger: Jerry Hey)
-  Better Get Hit In Your Soul (composer: Charles Mingus; featuring Michael Pagan, Brad Goode)
- *Someone To Watch Over Me (composer: George Gershwin, arranger: Michael Pagan; featuring Michael Pagan, Brad Goode) 

- *Somewhere Over The Rainbow (composer: Harold Arlen/E.Y. Harburg, arranger: Nicole Henry; featuring Michael Pagan)
- Jus' Sayin'  (composer and arranger: John Hines) 

 - *You & I (composer: Stefani Germanotta, arranger: John Hines)  

*    Denotes songs featuring Donna DeVine on vocals

John Hines, Jazz Trombone Music, Denver

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Cabo Morning

(Composer & arranger: John Hines)  Inspired by its namesake, a joyous Latin jazz song with beautiful trombone melody and exciting percussion rhythm—this one just feels good. *Nominated for's 'song of the week' - April, 2015


You & I

(composer: Stefani Germanotta, arranger: John Hines) A very unique take on the Lady Gaga hit, becoming a vocal/trombone duet with Donna DeVine and a contemporary jazz rhythm section foundation.



(composer: Hank Levy, arranger: John Hines; featuring Michael Pagan)   Newly arranged 8-part trombone harmony, all played by John Hines, w/complex 5/4 Latin percussion to reinvent this exciting big band song for anyone who loves the sound of jazz trombone.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

(composer: Harold Arlen/E.Y. Harburg, arranger: Nicole Henry; featuring Michael Pagan) Complex latin percussion backs up powerful vocals from Donna in this fresh, high-energy take on the Wizard of Oz film classic.  


Better Get Hit In Your Soul

A signature cover of the Mingus gospel classic, featuring the artistry of Brad Goode (trumpet) and Michael Pagan (piano), along with John and the band playing in a fast 6/8 groove.

Previous Album- In The Pocket


In The Pocket

John's first release, 'In The Pocket', on Capri Records, with a pleasant, straight-ahead mix of originals and covers. With guest artists Hugh Ragin (trumpet)  and Michael Pagan (piano).

Song List

In The Pocket (John Hines)
I Could Write A Book
Secret Love

Hard Times
A Nightengale Sang In Berkley Square
More Than A Friend
(Michael Pagan)
Kickin' Back (John Hines)

In A Sentimental Mood

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'In The Pocket': "A top ten of the year disc, no ifs or maybes. In that better alternate universe where jazz dominates the music charts, In The Pocket would be all over the radio."  

-D. McClenaghen,


Kickin' Back

A fun, late-night pool hall kind of funk song featuring muted trombone from John and honky-tonk piano work from Michael Pagan. 


Hard Times

A solid, straight-ahead gospel swing version of the Paul F. Mitchel classic.


Central Park West

A beautiful rendition of the John Coltrane classic, this features John Hines on trombone, but also brings together jazz greats Hugh Ragin on trumpet and Michael Pagan on piano, making the complex chord changes sound effortless.

Michael Pagan Big Band- 'Pag's Groove'

The title song from the Michael Pagan Big Band recording, 'Pag's Groove,' features John in the bone section, and playing a strong blues solo on this Michael Pagan original. An amazing big band album!

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